Cal's First character part 2

Updated: Feb 27

Hey all, sorry about the delay in part two. Let's continue Jack's story!


The following days in the town went by quickly. The man who is now Jack’s master returned to his old man appearance. He took them around to and picked up a variety of items from papers, to foodstuff, and primarily plants of some kind of alchemical nature. Once the old man had Purchased everything he wished, all of somehow fit in one of the pouches he carried, they left the town to travel for a location only known to the old man.

They traveled for a couple of weeks until they reached far off hilly plains. Besides the road, grass, and the occasional tree here and there nothing was truly of interest to see. The old man took them away from the road over a couple of small hills to the base of one of the larger ones. He then took a seat and pulled out a silver flask.

Drinking from it deeply the old man said, “Take a seat boy. We’re going to be here a while.”

They stayed there for a full day and night. With nothing to do, Jack quickly became bored. While the old man just kept drinking from the flask. Eventually, he decided to light a pipe and they had some food which gave a brief pause to his drinking. However, shortly after he once again continued drinking. Jack could not help but look at the flask in confusion. The flask surely had to be empty by now.

“It’s enchanted.” The old man said with a slurred speech holding the flask up between him and Jack, “A basic one at that. Whatever is first poured into it after the enchantment is placed will never run out. Filled it with the best dwarven spirits I could find!”

The old man continued to drink for some time more until passing out on the grass. Jack eventually also fell asleep. Both slept peacefully under the stars. They woke up due to the rise of the sun. The old man quickly complaining of a hangover. But that was short-lived as he simply muttered some mystic words and a slight glow appears on him removing the hangover.

As Jack packed up their camp, the old man glared at the top of the hill. He stroked his chin and muttered, “It’s late? No, it can’t be late. Must be early then.”

Jack looked at the old man in confusion then up at the hill. His eyes widen in surprise as the top seemed to explode with a blue ethereal fire. Over the period of a couple of minutes, he watched as a structure faded into reality. It was a large pyramid structure with a square top. The blocks that made it was a dark blue decorated with white glowing writings, sigils, pentagrams, pictures, all manner of things. The decorations never stayed the same, each time he looked at one part to another they changed and then changed again when he looked back to the original. Twin large fire cauldrons alit with brilliant bright bluish-white flames clearly defined the entrance.

“Well come on then.” The old man said as he began the climb up the hill to the temple. Jack had to close his mouth and quickly pick up their packs then ran to catch up. As they came closer the old man’s staff began to change. Starting from the top the once old bark began to change to a smooth almost metal-like material. Sigils of white began to appear and glow as they closed in on the entrance.

“It’s about time I properly introduce myself. My name is Henry Slayerson. And I am the guardian of the Temple of Time. This will be your home now that you are my apprentice.”

Jack followed Henry in awe, gaping around, trying to see everything. The entrance was a large double door. Engraved in the same white writing as an image of an hourglass on each door. On the left what seemed like sand was falling from the top of the hourglass to the bottom and on the opposite door the sand was falling up from the bottom. Henry tapped the ground with two solid thumps which seemed to signal the temple to open as the two doors swung slowly outward.

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